"If you are looking for a simple but effective file re-namer to help tidy up a large sample library in preparation for MPC loading, MpBlaze is a great solution"

Your MPC needs 16 bit samples; you want to restrict the file name length so the whole name can be read on the MP's sceen. You need a simple tool to achieve this.

MpBlaze uses Apple's 'Core Audio' technology - and the highest quality conversion algorithm - to ensure all your samples are 44.1/16 bit. You can fix the file name to either 8, 12 or 16 characters (depending on your MPC model), whilst adding your own prefix, and automatically appending a number to each file. MpBlaze will even remove any illegal characters from the file name automatically. The easy to use interface makes this process effortless.

MpBlaze is the file rename / sample batch converter you've always wanted, and the fastest way to get your samples MPC ready.

Compatibility Information:

* File name conversion compatible with all MPC's.
* Audio bit/sample rate conversion not currently compatible with 2000, 2000XL, 3000.
* For best use please note: When downsampling audio files MpBlaze does not copy loop marker information. Please convert your samples before adding any loop markers with your MPC.